How do I blog? What can you expect?

My blog posts will sometimes be long, sometimes short or medium. When I write a post, I have two things in mind, the first is to give value and the second is to make it clear. I won’t be focusing on the length, but if it gets too long, I’ll split it up.

When I plan for a post, this is my outline (not all are shown in the actual post)

  • The topics and categories
    • (some may be 18+ and I’ll make sure you know before you begin reading)
  • The lessons and takeaways I want you to have from the post (1-3)
    • This will be similar to the summary
  • The post
  • The immediately actionable items (what can you do as soon as you finish reading)
  • A summary at the bottom if you want to read the 3-sentence version of the post
  • An extra little gift (I prefer to overdeliver)

Check out the latest blogs

How People With Disabilities Can Get Into Any American National Park for Free

I was with my girlfriend, going to the grand Canyon National Park and she saw a sign about this, asked about it and this is what we were told. Any U.S. Citizen or permanent resident with a disability gets a FREE LIFETIME PASS to all national parks. This is usually $80 per 12months. You also …

A Quick Guide to Traveling in a Wheelchair

Disclaimer: This is mainly for America, even though I’ve been abroad and the process is similar, I’m only certain about American commercial flights. 1. Where to begin when flying in a wheelchair?  When going through the checkout process for buying airline tickets online, depending on the company, there will be an area within passenger information …


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