How do I blog? What can you expect?

My blog posts will sometimes be long, sometimes short or medium. When I write a post, I have two things in mind, the first is to give value and the second is to make it clear. I won’t be focusing on the length, but if it gets too long, I’ll split it up.

When I plan for a post, this is my outline (not all are shown in the actual post)

  • The topics and categories
    • (some may be 18+ and I’ll make sure you know before you begin reading)
  • The lessons and takeaways I want you to have from the post (1-3)
    • This will be similar to the summary
  • The post
  • The immediately actionable items (what can you do as soon as you finish reading)
  • A summary at the bottom if you want to read the 3-sentence version of the post
  • An extra little gift (I prefer to overdeliver)

Check out the latest blogs

Why Continue Life in a Wheelchair?

For those who were paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair at a point in their life when they had already established a mature, adult identity, it is undoubtedly a change so dramatic that it takes a lot of time or a strong will to put up with the ensuing endeavors. Most people, once getting injured,…

The World is Smaller

A significant number of people have dogs that aren’t allowed on the couch, or even into an entire room. The majority of this dog’s life of is spent in that house, and it can’t even go everywhere. It’s a similar feeling when using a wheelchair. On a much larger scale (the world), there are plenty…

The Third Wave of Fear and Why Ableism is A Flower With Thorns

The Salem witch trials, famous for being so ridiculous that it’s infuriating to read and learn about. The red scare and McCarthyism. That was more modern age with politics and s nation wide (as opposed to a village in Salem). Horrible and very infuriating. We now have another one of these. Not quite as identifiable.…

Am I Still Myself?

In the gym, usually when I’m doing pull-ups or dips, people come up to me to give praise. Stuff like “you’re inspiring and motivating!” It’s nice. I take the compliment but it doesn’t make me feel any different. I don’t feel better about myself or anything like that, mainly because I’m grounded in the sense…

A Quick Message for All Paraplegics

Don’t be naïve. When I was first injured, someone had told me to be cautious about people online who would be very interested in my feet or something. This was good advice. And I should say this sooner than later, there’s nothing inherently wrong with someone who has a fetish for feet or a person…

The Evolution of Wheelchair Users

When I say wheelchair users, I don’t mean the elderly population, I mean people who cannot move their legs or walk properly from a spinal cord injury (SCI) or anything else. When I say evolution, I mean my perspective on how the attitude of the wheelchair-using community has changed over time. Though I admit I’ve…

Being: A Journey towards Self-Acceptance for Paraplegics

As I see it, there are two types of people who are wheelchair-bound (assuming paralyzed). There are those, such as myself, who had pretty much an entire life prior, and those who had the majority or entirety of their adult/child development in a wheelchair. Within these two high-level categories, there are sub-category variations. All of…

Staying Warm: Winter Clothing Tips for Paraplegics

Here I’m going to lay out from head to toe the philosophy and best (subjective) ways to stay warm in the winter for paraplegics. First, I must tell you about science and philosophy related to staying warm. As a scientific man myself, I like to approach the world through physics. What is Warmth? From a…

Self Consciousness in a Wheelchair

Being self-conscious, in other words, a lack of confidence can happen to anyone at any time. Those who are in a wheelchair may have this feeling more often or in ways that prevent them from going out. Now, I wouldn’t expect anyone to fully admit to this, instead, you might justify yourself by saying “the…

Preparation For Stem Cell & Beyond

Some quote by some person goes something like this: Do the best you can with what you have. But we never really do, there are a lot of distractions keeping us from being focused, let alone the fact that most of us haven’t defined what our “best” is. When preparing for something, or when some…


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