Right now, I just have a YouTube and Instagram account. My Instagram is the flagship.

Soon after I got injured, while I was in the hospital, one of my friends told me that I should make an Instagram to keep people updated and track my progress. I guess she knew before me that my progress would be amazing and worth tracking. People enjoyed what I had to say and loved watching my ambitious and optimistic attitude while I continued to get better every day. The love motivated me even more!

So, on Instagram, if you go to my first post and read all of them to the present day, you’ll know a lot about me, maybe more than you’d care to know, but you’ll love it anyway. 

A few months later, I had the idea of creating a YouTube channel. That night, I went for it. 

A few days went by until I uploaded a video, but when I did, I knew I was beginning to work on something greater than myself – a purpose if you will.

I really enjoy making YouTube videos. If you look on my channel, you’ll see a playlist of videos I’ve been in before. I really love improv. 

YouTube isn’t as personal as my Instagram and I try to keep YouTube on the more professional side because it’s something of an instructional theme – teaching others how to do great things that can improve their life. So, don’t expect a “day in the life” vlog or anything like that. That would be for Instagram.

In the future, probably distant, I would like to create a podcast as well. Right now, as I’m writing this on a warm Australian night on Easter day, I’m a college student. I’ll be a college student for the next few years. I’m doing a double major and it’s going to take a lot of time and I’ll love every minute of it. Sadly, I need sleep, as much as I wish that wasn’t the case. Having the YouTube channel along with this website and my Instagram, I won’t be able to start a podcast for a while.

It may have to wait until I graduate, school comes first. And eat your greens.

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