Cosmo Trikes wearing a headband as seen thought the lens of a camera
Candid behind the scenes picture during a recording session

You might know that I have a YouTube channel. It’s called WheelchairDNA, same as this website! (I did that on purpose)

I don’t have as much to say about YouTube as I did about Instagram, so, this will be short and sweet. Maybe medium and sweet.

One day, while I was driving home from work, I had just finished working out (my work had a fitness center) and the thought came to me like the sun in a clear blue sky – bright and big – “I should create a YouTube channel to teach others what I know!” It was only about five months after I had gotten out of rehab, but I had done so much and it’s all stuff I wish I could tell my past self. 

That night, I created a YouTube channel called WheelchairDNA. The name doesn’t have much meaning. I recently saw something about DNA (the medical acronym) and I put the two together and it sounded pretty good. It could be philosophized to have a deeper meaning, but only do that if you have some free time. 

My Dad came over soon after to visit for the July 4th weekend. I told him all about my new plan and we started to go out and record videos. You might be able to tell that I record a bunch of videos at once because I wear the same clothes in a lot of them.

This is one of the first videos that my Dad and I recorded

My brother also helps me record videos. He and I used to record funny improv skits together. Once we stop laughing, we can put together an awesome video. 

I’m an engineer and I love trying new things and solving problems. In and out of rehab, I was challenging myself to learn and try new things. I was also challenging the status quo. Even if the doctor, nurse or therapist told me how to do something, I would try different ways and sometimes break the rules. 

I knew that I had to start recording videos and teach people what I’ve learned. I knew that there wasn’t much out there because when I searched for it, I couldn’t find anything useful. So, I had to try things on my own and learn from experience. In the gym, I kept trying new things and figuring out awesome ways to do workouts. I like to call myself a bodybuilder, but I haven’t competed in a while. Nonetheless, I’m still in love with working out and although I don’t know as much as a personal trainer, I’m willing to bet that I’m very close with my knowledge gained from years of working out and researching. 

Teaching people in wheelchairs how to workout at home and in the gym is one of my missions. I believe that everyone should be fit. There are many reasons, including health, longevity, self-esteem, confidence and a lot more. 

 If you’re in a wheelchair, being strong helps with everything you do and can help you reach the next level and do even more. 

A lot of people in wheelchairs might have low confidence and stay inside most of their lives. I don’t want that to happen

I don’t post a lot about working out on YouTube, but it will soon be well covered on both YouTube and this website. 

I want to show you what types of workouts are available and give you the tools you need to think on your own and discover even more workouts that you can do.

Being in a wheelchair is no excuse not to exercise and lead the life you desire!

This was at EAA Oshkosh!

Fitness is one of those bigger projects. My YouTube has other things on it as well.

Whenever I do something, literally anything, from putting on pants to getting into airplanes, I always use my engineering visualization and try to figure out the most efficient way to do it. I always have a sense of urgency. I wake up and I want to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and shower in 5 minutes. Brushing already takes 2. When I put on pants, not only am I trying to find the easiest and fastest way, but I’m trying to minimize my movements.

For instance, when I’m changing out of my work chinos and into my gym sweats, I take one pant leg off and then put the sweats on, that way I only lift each leg once. This may sound a little silly, but imagine taking the chinos off each leg and then having to reverse the process with sweat pants, which means lifting each leg twice. I just cut in half the amount of leg lifting you do when you change pants! 

I haven’t made a video about this technique yet. So this is insider information. 

I think about efficiency like that with everything and I want to make videos about how I do it so that you don’t have to spend 8 months changing your pants “the slow way.” 

A lot of the videos I make are targeted towards those who are in rehab. I make these videos for my past self in a way. I think back to what I was doing in rehab and realize that I was doing it all wrong. In rehab, I wasn’t part of Team Cosmo and I didn’t have Cosmo to teach me all these little and big life-improving tips that would make all the difference. 

You’re on Team Cosmo, you look amazing (especially with that smile), and we love to improve. 

My YouTube exists for you,

I take all that I’ve learned from experience and make a video about it. If it doesn’t require a video, I’ll write about it and put it on this website. 

As I’m writing this, I haven’t posted on YouTube in a while. I’m in Australia, but as soon as I get back to the US, the videos will be coming in hot!

Another reason why I love making videos is not just because of the impact I have, but I love improv. Most of my videos aren’t planned out other than me knowing the topic and having any items I’ll need. I like to do them in one take and I like to post the first take. The camera loves me and I like it too, as a friend though. 

I had fun making this video with my friends, notice the shirts 😉

I have fun making these videos and I hope you enjoy half as much because that’ll be a lot. 

Welcome to Team Cosmo, maybe I’ll get t-shirts made in a few years.

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