Paraplegic Gear/Tools of the Month: Control the Home

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Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, HomePod (Apple), are the big three.

You can literally control your entire house. The lights, the heat, the music/TV, texting, and calling (and probably more).

I have a Google, it’s pretty useful.

If you’re in bed and you want the lights turned off or on, or if you need them on, then this could be useful if the light switch isn’t within reach.

If you fall over, your phone isn’t close to you, you just have to speak the words and anyone you know can be called.

If you just got into your car, which can take some time, and you forgot to lock the door or to turn off the light – you can do it from your phone.

The possibilities go on.

Having a smart speaker, or a digital assistant is very useful for everyone, especially those of you with disabilities.

Gear/Tools of the Month: Warm Winter Pants for Paraplegics!

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Anti-disclaimer: I don’t make any money from the links below. And now begin:

I don’t like pants, never have. They’re just too restricting of my manly freedom.

However, I own a lot of pants, because for the most part I’m a fashionable guy.

The problem we face here is that there aren’t many great options for warm pants. And to be clear, by warm pants I mean the pants keep you warm. Not to be confused with pants made for warm weather, which are easily found.

A lot of people, including myself, just wear normal pants in the winter, snow pants for snow-activities and sometimes thermals under the pants when going to a Christmas parade.

If you’re in a wheelchair, get cold easily, or have poor circulation to your legs, then having warm pants in the winter is as important as wool socks and good boots.

The problem is that warm pants aren’t a huge category, and the options are spread out across many sources, such as REI, Eddie Bauer, and other individual brands.

For credibility purposes: I’ve lived in the north country for a few years now and I’m still waiting for winter to end.

Here we go, a list of everyday pants that are cold weather ready!

Eddie Bauer lined pants – a variety of styles, all with an extra layer on the inside to keep you extra warm. I personally like Eddie Bauer and own a good bit of clothes from them.

Women’s –

Men’s –

Found within REI:

REI brand sweatpants – I have a pair of these, they’re very nice and I suspect any girlfriend of mine will be wearing them when I’m not.

Men’s –

Women’s –

Bjorn Daepheli – I don’t know much about this brand, but they seem to have good options.

Men’s –

Women’s –

Smartwool – making up 80% of my socks, I know these will be good, though keep in mind that if you’re caught in the snow, you might want to wear waterproof shell pants over any of these.

Men’s –

Women’s –

Columbia – my winter boots are the best that Columbia offers and they perform like it, so I trust Columbia to deliver.

Men’s –

Women’s – Unfortunately, Columbia only offers the men’s. Women could still wear them if they please.

Patagonia – after reading the book, let my people go surfing in a weekend, I’ve been more aware of sustainable and durable clothing. I’m partial to Patagonia for these reasons.

Men’s –

Women’s –

Under Armour – I have an outfit of coldgear and as in the name, it’s gear made for the cold. This kept me rather warm in the cutting cold wind of Chicago.

Men’s –

Women’s –

There are many other things you can do. You can buy base layers – – and wear them under any pair of pants, but then you have to put on two pairs of pants. You could also wear snow pants, there are some you can find that are pretty thin and look mostly like normal pants. Some snow pants can be found here – – further filter will be needed.

Immediate actionable items: If you live where the winters get cold, get some cozy pants.

Summary: Lots of sources to get warm pants

Overdeliver:  If this isn’t sufficient for you, you can go to places similar to REI and Cabela’s and search “lined pants,” “winter pants,” (though you’ll likely get more snow pants), “warm pants,” “heavyweight pants,” “fleece pants.”

Or any other keywords you can muster, but pants will be a constant.

You may have noticed that a lot of these pants were made for winter sports. When I’m looking for something warm or lightweight, I look to the most extreme sports and find the best performing gear.

Paraplegic Gears/Tools of the Month: Lumbar Baby

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Short, simple. Gear of the month.

The Problem:

If you’re in a wheelchair, or sit down for any length of time, then you’re likely to have bad posture. It’s not your fault. Most seats aren’t designed for great posture.

My car, and most others, have bucket seats that really sink you in. As soon as I sit in my car, I can feel the poor posture, and for the many hours I’ve spent driving, it’s crazy to think I would ever tolerate such a seat.

The same goes for my wheelchair, I find that it sucks me in and I struggle to sit up straight. Not only do I look less cool, but I feel less awesome.

I don’t know of many backrests on wheelchairs that have lumbar support, same for most chairs, couches, and cars.

I’m definitely not a doctor. I don’t eat veggies, and that instantly disqualifies me, but at the end of this post, there will be an article to shock you with how unhealthy sitting is and if you don’t believe it still, try and find credible sources that say sitting IS healthy. You’ll probably find some because the internet has a knack for that, but then go to medical school and see if you still don’t believe sitting is bad. Or just sit for a while and see how you feel.

This issue is especially important with those in wheelchairs who sit quite literally all day. Having a straight back and good posture will go a very long way, as will adequate back exercises.

The solution:

Lumbar support for paraplegics.

Invest in your health and you’ll live longer to invest in whatever else you please.

Here are some options that I find agreeable:

For the wheelchair: The Original McKenzie Slimline Lumbar Support

Let me tell you, this is about the only suitable one I could find. In a wheelchair, you don’t need much, and a lot of them are overwhelming. This is slim enough, it shouldn’t push you so far forward and out of your chair.

For the car/office chair: Lumbar Support Pillow

For the anywhere: BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace

Why sitting down is bad, and poor posture is worse.

If you can stand, whether in leg braces or because you’re not in a wheelchair, do it. Stand up.

Paraplegic Gear/Tools of the Month: Baby Calves

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I’ve talked before on how important it is to stretch, not explicitly, but sprinkled throughout other posts, such as How to Reduce Muscle Spasms for Paraplegics

If you took my advice, you came to the same heuristic conclusion – it matters. Stretching matters.

After not stretching for a while, or doing it wrong for a while (it’s possible), my legs will be much more tense, harder to move especially in the morning, though it does build up my muscles and tone.

Every morning as part of my routine, I stretch. I read while I do it because I like to be efficient. If I want to stretch throughout the day, it’s not as convenient because I’d either have to get on my bed or down to a yoga mat and I typically have full days.

Here’s what I’ve got for you. I discovered this while I was in post-rehab. Once I got back to college after staying in Shirley Ryan Ability Center, I went to see a physical therapist for the next few months.

BraceAbility Sleeping Stretch Boot (you don’t have to sleep to use it)

This is good for stretching calves, in fact that’s all it’s good for.
But maybe you can get creative.

I use it in two ways – stretching in the morning and stretching throughout the day.

The great thing about this is that you can be in a wheelchair, put this on, and stretch your calves (one at a time unless you buy two).


In the morning when I stretch my hamstrings, I have one leg out and my other leg’s ankle is resting just above the knee. It keeps my leg straight when I lean forward to stretch, but then my toes will point like in ballet or gymnastics.

I can either grab my foot and pull it back – a calf stretch that gets a bit tiring, keeps me from flipping pages, and then my hand smells like foot – or I place my foot in this (without strapping it down) and that keeps my foot upright.

This could also be good for nighttime use, though it could bruise or create pressure sores, so be cautious on how you wear it into the night. Wear it for a few hours and see what your foot looks like after and then make an executive decision.

Immediate actionable items: The only one I have is to buy this if you want to effectively stretch your calves. In fact, just stretch. Right now.

Summary: A calf stretcher boot.

Overdeliver:  If you want to stretch even more or stand up, you can get Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthopedics (KAFOs), which are leg braces (what I’m wearing in the picture). I use them to stretch and stand – usually while studying, writing, or reading. Just don’t fall.

Paraplegic Gear/Tools of the Month: Car Cushion

Reading time: a few

Your wheelchair seat is made for long term seating, hopefully.

Other seats are not. That’s the issue.

What to do?

Specifically, what to do in a car?

I’ve done extensive research and found a good seat at a good price. It makes any drive a lot more bearable.

This is the answer.

SUNFICON Inflatable Air Seat Cushions

I don’t recommend the color black, it’ll be hot in your car in the summer. Mine is grey.

Immediate actionable items: Buy this, or something similar for a seat in your car.

Summary: A cushion for your car.

Overdeliver:  This can double as a cushion for dire times, or on other seats that aren’t cushioned.

Paraplegic Gear/Tools of the Month: Going for Speed

The Best Bearings for Your Wheelchair

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Alright. Another month has passed and here we are with more life improving gear. for my favorite month – July – we’ll be looking at my favorite mindset. Going faster.

The problem we solve here is going slow. I really don’t like going slow. Another way to frame it is reducing the friction, so you use less energy and go faster and further.

I really don’t like working against friction. Right now, as I’m writing this in Australia, my bearings are completely shot. Rusted and broken. I’ll be heading home in 18 days, so I’m just camping out in the slow grounds until I get back home and address this monumental issue.

When my bearing are either broken or just the standard ones that I got with the chair, I feel like I’m pushing against some force. I actually am. Even when going downhill, I’ve noticed that I hardly pick up any speed if at all.

Having the least amount of friction allows you to exert less energy to go faster. It means that one push takes you further and you’re more agile. You’ll be surprised at the difference from the gear below.


  • Front wheel bearings
  • Back wheel bearings

The bearings that came with my chair, when I had them in the air and gave them a spin,they spun for only a few seconds. Once I upgraded, they spun for minutes.

Front Wheel Bearings

Front wheels in a wheelchair, I believe they’re called caster wheels, typically will be compatible with your everyday skateboard bearings. A very good thing because there’s a big market for skate bearings. The technical bearing size is 608.

You can either go all out if you’re serious about having the best or go decent if you want the minimum best.

One thing to note is that most skateboard bearing packs come with 8 total bearings, 2 for each wheel. Wheelchairs only have 2 front wheels, so this is like buying double.

Starting at the minimum end. Probably the best bearings you could get at the lowest price. Anything less than these shouldn’t be considered.

The recognized standard bearing. Reds. These will give you what you need and might be good enough if you want to go fast.



  • Will rust over time
  • Not the absolute best you can get
  • Other Bones Bearings have cooler stickers, but that’s an opinion.

Before we get to the top two bearings. Here’s a good in between option that I found.



  • Not widely known, not by me at least
  • Will also rust over time
  • Might not come with a sticker

For those that live in the fast lane, these two bearings are for you. On the expensive side, but commonly known as the fastest bearings around.

First up:  Bones Swiss Ceramic


  • Literally the very best
  • Super fast
  • Bragging rights
  • Super cool sticker to brag about
  • Ceramic doesn’t rust
  • The best


  • Only the balls are ceramic and the casing could rust
  • Expensive
  • Made out of toilet

Second up: VXB Full Ceramic


  • Individually sold bearings (can buy 4 instead of the pre-packaged 8)
  • Full ceramic to go even faster (less friction)
  • Not so expensive
  • Uses black ceramic balls


  • A ceramic case can crack, which will ruin the whole thing
  • Not skate rated like Bones
  • I couldn’t even find an ABEC rating
  • No sticker

Back wheel bearings

The bigger wheels on wheelchairs are much like (if not exactly like) bike tires. Luckily, bike (bicycle) bearings are also an existing market that we can dip into, and the water is warm. I’m back after eating dinner and doing more research, the water is luke-warm but erring on cool.

Bike bearings are few and far and they vary. I recommend taking off your wheel and checking what bearing you have. This is what mine looks like:

Cosmo’s wheel bearing

As you will struggle to see, it says “R8 2RS.” I also struggled. After some searching, I found that this bearing is 1/2 x 1 1/8 x 5/16 (inches), which is also, 12.7 x 28 x 8 (millimetres). Also called an R8ZZ or a 6001 bearing.
The measurements are Inner diameter x Outer diameter x Width

There aren’t any big players that make Swiss bearings of this size, or anything of distinct caliber like Bones.
I’ve found generic or ceramic.
Generic will get you medium results – probably better than the bearings that came with your chair but nothing mind blowing.
Ceramic (with a metal casing) will get you the results that come with ceramic, faster and better.

Here’s what we got. Keep in mind these are both individual bearings, so you’ll have to buy four.

If you want to look for another size bearing and you figure out the metric size or the name (6001, etc.) filter through this page to find a good bearing.

To make this process much more efficient, here are some amazing tools

Bearings are as hard to take out as

Bones Bearings Press Puller

To take off your caster wheels, you’ll need some hex keys (also used for bike maintenance)

Texas Best Folding Metric and SAE Hex Keys

Overdeliver? Absolutely.

There is a next level of speed, not the drug, and it involves some sauce. Don’t get lost in the sauce, you can actually use too much.

Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant

Paraplegic Gear/Tools of the Month: Wheels and Tyres

Reading time: 4 minutes

Today’s Gear: Tire pump, tire changing, tire technology!

There are probably more tools and gear that I’ll discover over time, but here are a few great tools and some gear that you can start implementing now.

Tire Pump

Starting off with the issues we face in the tire pumping department. It’s not easy to find a pump to use on wheelchair tires if you’re doing it yourself.
You’ll most likely have to get out of your chair, which isn’t always easy to do.
Once you get out of your chair and ready to start pumping up your tires, then comes the issue with actually pumping them up.
If you’re not wicked strong or maybe you have trouble using your arms, it’s difficult to actually pump up the tires. I keep my tires pumped up at around 100PSI and it takes some energy to get up to that number.
If you do find a tire pump that’s easy to use, it probably isn’t travel friendly.
You can see my first tire pump here and the difficulty that comes with it

I found a few variations of tire pumps, some are manual, some aren’t. Some are travel friendly, some aren’t.

If you’re tech forward and want a travel friendly and simple tire pump, this right here is what you need: Oasser Air Compressor Portable Mini Air Inflator Hand Held Tire Pump (left)

If you’re a stay at home type of person, then the version on the right might better suit you:
TEROMAS Tire Inflator Air Compressor

If you’re skeptical about the electric pump but still want something that you can use without having to break a sweat, then you’ll be best using this sexy tool: Mini Bike Pump with CO2 Inflator

This even comes with a mounting set that, depending on your chair, you could attach to your chair!

If you still want to pump your wheels by hand, you’d be defeating the purpose of me showing you cool gear and tools that you can use to mitigate this problem. However, if you must, this hand pump is still a lot more portable than the first tire pump that I bought and it comes with a repair kit!

Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

Tire changing

Now that we solved the issues that arise from having to pump up our tires, whether at home or traveling.
What are we to do if the tire is beyond deflated and actually needs to be changed or patched? It’s hard to take off the wheel and replace the tube, especially if you have limited hand function or aren’t at home.
What about decreasing the chance of having to change the tube?
This right here is a 2-in-1 gear. Not only is it useful as a tire repair kit, but it doubles as extra storage space!

The WOTOW Bike Tyre Repair Kit not only has the tools needed for on the go tire repair, you can fix other small nuances with the multi-tool provided. If you have an inflated seat cushion, the repair kit can also work to patch any holes you might get.
If you dont really need the tools – maybe you already have them – then the bag itself can be useful and it’s up to your imagination as to where you can attach the bag.

If you want to minimise the chance of getting a flat tire, then you can get the Slime Self-Sealing Smart Tube, of course, the size will differ and you’ll need to check your tires to see what size tube will fit your wheels.

If you’d like to have a more advanced tire repair kit that will make the tedious and frustrating process of replacing a tire tube easier, there aren’t many options.

Typically, a tyre repair kit will come with flimsy plastic tools that have bent and broken when I used them.

A more permanent tool to add to your bag would be the Tragoods Premium Bicycle Tire Lever

As a little bonus, if you’re only interested in the bag for the purpose of storage, here are my top two favorites:
Aduro Sport Bicycle Bike Storage Bag
Rhinowalk Bike Bag

Tire Technology

This is something that I recently stumbled upon and I see huge potential for it, not only in my arsenal of awesome, but in the homes of many people who are in wheelchairs and love to travel and explore against the odds.

The problem we solve here is that if you live in an area known to get a surplus of snow and you plan on going on a trail in the outback the following month, then you’ll have to carry around tyres and a kit along with a resentment for having to change your bike tyres so much.

The solution is presented here and best speaks for itself:

The ReTyre Modular Tyre System.

It comes in at a reasonable price considering the benefits.

As a hearty conclusion to this months gear/tools, you’re mind might be busy at work with new ideas and or excitement to use these products to improve your life. It’s worth remembering that wheelchairs are, to some degree, a bike that just got bent and twisted. A lot of bike tools work well for wheelchairs and our tires are basically bike tires with a bar on the side. I look around the cycling community and often adopt some of what they have.

If you haven’t ventured into the possibilities, these products above are just the beginning of how those of us in wheelchairs can be creative by using what exists in new and great ways.

PS, I have plenty of gear/tools to write about, I might post more than just one a month, but we’ll see about that.

In case you’re eager for more cool gear or tools that I’ve uncovered during my internet archaeology, here’s something that you’ll see featured in a future post that’ll be talking about EDC:
Beer Bike Keychain

Paraplegic Gear/Tools of the Month: The Belt

Read time: 3 minutes

I’m part of the lululemon collective and will receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links below


Every week, I look around and see what type of gear I’m using or anything I’ve come across that’s cool and useful. Something that has made my life easier and solves a problem I’ve had for too long.

I’ll be keeping these fairly short with one tool/gear item that I’ve used and I’ll talk about how it’s useful (solving some problems).

There are many ways to use everyday items in a unique way. As an engineer and minimalist, I like to use what I have and see if I can make it work. It’s a fun little challenge that keeps my brain sharp.

Today’s tools are belts, created by Arcade and lululemon. We have two styles, two problems and infinitely great ways to use them.

The problems we solve:

  1. So, I have a strap behind my legs that keeps my feet from sliding off the back of my footrest, but I spend my entire day pulling my feet back on the footplate after they’ve slid forward as a result of bumpy pavement or sidewalk cracks.
  2. Pockets. Pant pockets are near impossible to use while you’re in your chair. I often go out for a walk and need to carry my keys, wallet, catheter and phone, but they’ll either fall out of my pocket or wont fit. Keeping them on my lap becomes a bit much and they easily bounce off.

    Luckily, we have a solution for these problems, it’s more than a solution. It’ll tell the world that you mean something, that you’re on your way to success! (and you’ll feel as amazing as you look)

Contrary to popular belief, I’m a man who cares about style and presentation. Even if I do wear the same few clothes over and over again, I want them to be high quality clothes.

The solutions:

  1. The Arcade belt.

    It’s made for adventure, it’s durable, and it’s personal. There are many different styles for every mood and season.

This belt solves all of our problems.
It’s easy to take on and off, it can even be useful when we’re not using it (like using it as a belt).
It comes in many sexy designs, which means we look cool and get to show off a little.
The size is adjustable so you can keep your legs where you want them.
It’s a lot more versatile and when you watch the video below, you’ll see how it doesn’t actually wrap around where my other strap is.
Best of all, the clip is super easy to put together and unbuckle. So, even if you struggle using your hands a little, it’s not hard at all!

Using an Arcade belt to solve problem 1

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, imagine what you could do if the belt could also hold your keys!

Now we solve the second problem: Pockets.

You may have noticed that there’s a trend to wear a belt bag (fanny pack) across your chest. The timing has never been as perfect as now. Look trendy, be efficient, feel great!

lululemon has many options that are both fashionable and useful. Almost all of them have secret compartments and tiny details that are worth showing off to your friends.

  1. This Fast and Free Run Belt is perfect for keeping your keys and a few essentials ready to grab and toss on before you head out (keys are small and valuable, they easily fall off my lap)
  2. The On The Beat Belt Bag is big enough to hold more essentials (even a catheter or two) and even though the model is a woman, I would proudly wear this as a man.

Try this gear out and let me know how much it helps!

(Just some over delivery) This is my “efficiency outfit” I can wash less with the anti-stink tech, they dry fast (I avoid the cost of using a dryer), makes the perfect first impression and I feel like I can do anything (I can go to work and then workout without changing)

Shorts – Men, Women

Pants – Men, Women

Shirt – Men, Women

Socks – Men, Women

Underwear – Men, Women

PS, remember to share this info, it’s too good to keep to yourself!

If you find any cool gear/tools, leave them in the comments and there’s always a good chance you could write a post for this site!

Welcome to Team Cosmo


This is my first “blog.” I wanted to at least have one or two for you when you got here.

I’m hoping to have at least one blog post per week. They may be short, like a little paragraph weekly challenge or long enough to split into two separate posts. I’m focusing on two things, equally ranked: give value, have fun. I enjoy giving value, so, having fun while doing it should be easy 😉


I’m extremely excited! Not only am I able to reach and help more people, but I’ll improve my writing skills, and I really enjoy writing.

Even though I don’t have much in terms of blog posts, all the pages on this site have a lot of new info on them, stuff I haven’t talked about on Instagram or YouTube. I think the Cosmo page has the most on it. I had fun writing that one.

As I’m writing this, I just finished recording about 20 minutes of video content for Instagram.

I’m in Australia and I did a campus tour & talk. All about my time hear up to this point. More or less rambled about my time here, and ranted and raved about the nature on the the campus. It’s probably a little cringey but I was just free flowing, having fun recording some videos.

I’m also putting this blog in every category that I’ve made so you ‘ll have an idea of what kind of topics we’ll cover together. More will be added over time.

For now, check out my Instagram and YouTube after you’ve gone through all the pages on this amazing website!

There are a couple forms you could fill out on the FAQ page and the Keynote page

Remember to share this website, you never know who it could help.

Much love to Team Cosmo

Stay healthy!


PS, I’m writing this post while outside doing a time lapse of the sunset for my Instagram video and I got bit TWICE on my pinky by mosquitoes. That’s the type of devotion I have to Team Cosmo

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