Paraplegic Gear/Tools of the Month: Control the Home

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Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, HomePod (Apple), are the big three.

You can literally control your entire house. The lights, the heat, the music/TV, texting, and calling (and probably more).

I have a Google, it’s pretty useful.

If you’re in bed and you want the lights turned off or on, or if you need them on, then this could be useful if the light switch isn’t within reach.

If you fall over, your phone isn’t close to you, you just have to speak the words and anyone you know can be called.

If you just got into your car, which can take some time, and you forgot to lock the door or to turn off the light – you can do it from your phone.

The possibilities go on.

Having a smart speaker, or a digital assistant is very useful for everyone, especially those of you with disabilities.

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