How to Date a Paraplegic

Or someone in a wheelchair

Reading time: 2 minutes

People in wheelchairs are just that – people (mostly sitting down).

Think of someone you love, as a friend or otherwise, that isn’t in a wheelchair. Imagine them sitting down. Same thing. This is similar to what I wrote here.

This logic doesn’t apply to everyone in a wheelchair, but for myself, that’s how I think of it.

The largest caveat is that someone in a wheelchair will need more physical. The amount of help will vary to each person’s physical and mental limitations.

To date someone in a wheelchair is not so different from someone not in a wheelchair. There is an added level of complexity when it comes to things such as traveling, sex, going for long walks on the beach, living in a house, and most actions in the physical world (none are impossible).

Beyond that, if you’re able to help with that and laugh at some awkward moments together, then the relationship will be much like any other – loving and supportive.

Immediate actionable items: Nothing, just continue breathing.

Summary: Dating someone in a wheelchair, paraplegic or anything else, is not so different from any other relationship. When it comes to love, it becomes more about the person and less about a little limitation.

Overdeliver:  This can actually be a hard perspective for some people in wheelchairs. It’s harder to avoid an inferiority complex if you’ve been in a wheelchair your whole life or if the person is generally pessimistic. Because I’ve had nearly all my life and experiences out of a wheelchair, it’s easier to have this perspective.

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