Methods for Paraplegics to Get Groceries

Reading time: 2 minutes

When it comes to getting groceries, especially a lot, it can be harder for people in wheelchairs.

Here are a few ways I’ve gotten groceries:

  1. Order pickup from a grocery store through their website/app – I use this method all the time. I can order as much as I want, avoid lines, avoid checking out, avoid having to traverse the isles with the potential of not being able to reach an item, and it all gets put in my car for me. Once I get home, I’ll use my laundry basket to put all the groceries in and then bring it into my flat. This makes it a one trip, super fast, and very accessible way of getting groceries.
  2. Go into the store and ask for help – One time I went into the store and knew that my list was long. I went up to the front and asked if there’s someone who can push a cart with me to shop. Doing that does put them in a position where it’s hard to say ‘no.’ In my case, they said yes and they even brought it out to my car with me. This might be a rare occurrence but you can always invite a friend and buy them a pack of fruit snacks as a thank you.
  3. Shop alone and buy little – when I lived abroad for a few months, I would go to the store with my 31L backpack and only buy what I could carry. This is very possible if you’re single and buying food for one person. I also have a simple diet, so maybe it’s just me.

The first takeaway is that you can find a way to get groceries on your own. The third is that using a laundry basket to bring in food from the car is an amazing idea for literally anyone! The second takeaway is for you to think for yourself 😉

Immediate action: Buy me some doughnuts

Overdeliver: My friend just introduced me to “Tony’s Creole,” it’s a pretty cool seasoning, if you’re into getting on a next level seasoning game.

Summary: when getting groceries, I have three methods: online ordering and picking it up, getting help within the store, or only buying what I could carry.

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