A Brief Update on This Website

If you didn’t pay attention, you’d notice that you’ve missed nothing – I haven’t been posting on this website or on the youtube channel in a long time. Simple reason, neither have been a priority for me. I’ve had an internship with Oracle and reading or enjoying my summer otherwise. My motivation to write or record/edit/upload has been low and in fact nearly zero. There are many days I don’t think I have anything of value to share. There are also a few other sources of information that put in more time and effort than I do, so I typically avoid putting up duplicate information – though I don’t look at any other sources, so I don’t really know what is duplicate or not. Anyway, I’ve since meditated on the future of my online presence and concluded that if I’m not enjoying what I’m doing, then I won’t do it. You’ll begin to see changes in topic for blogs, it’ll be more authentic and unique to me. I aim to contribute (to the reader) information that is, well, unique to what only I can give. Although the world is much too big for any one of us to have truly unique contributions, what makes it unique is half that it’s me doing it and half that you’re reading it. Two to tango and that type of stuff. I do believe that my life is unique in that the experiences and my personality + knowledge are not shared by anyone who also blogs. This may turn more into philosophy, me expressing thoughts, sharing stories. I will still hope to have a lesson or some type of takeaway for the reader. My audience is still the wheelchair-disabled community, but can begin to grow into a larger, neurodiverse community. Here is where I begin to falter because I am only most familiar with myself and my situation, which is on the lower, perhaps lowest, end of disabilities. How I explain my experience in a wheelchair to anyone, is to tell them “sit down” and that’s how I feel (just don’t stand back up). I have met others, whose situation more dire than mine, and it has given me new perspectives. I would like to bring these forward as well, but again, consider that there is no experience other than through imagination on these topics.
We have now reached the limit to which I can drag out what could be said in a few words to many. My upcoming blogs will be brief and beautiful.

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