Stop Expecting Things to Be Perfect and Adapt

I myself fall prey to thinking I’m the center of the universe. It sure seems like it most days. What am I saying here? Why not expect things to be perfect? 

A long time ago, I saw some people complaining over some very little things, people in wheelchairs. Once someone in a wheelchair wanted to relate with me about hating how floors are uneven. Yes, I do get annoyed at times, but I don’t expect every floor to be level just for me. Some people were talking about how men’s boxer underwear can ride up, or about shoes falling off. Having a disability isn’t a right to raise expectations and accommodations. Yes, it’s nice to have accommodations, a really nice thing but it’s not global. 

Instead of expecting things to be accessible, I expect myself to be adaptable. The truth is that disabilities are minorities, there is no reason for a hill to be leveled for the likes of me. and I quite like hills anyway. accommodations cost extra money. I am not normal. Some people may want to say they’re normal, but they aren’t. I’m not standing and most of the world’s infrastructure is designed for people who are normal. I’m in their world and fortunate enough that they care about me a little bit and help out. 

The point being, stop complaining and wanting things to be tailored to you. Actually, there are a crazy amount of wheelchair-specific things and accommodations for disabilities and that’s more of a reason to just adapt to an uneven floor.

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