Being Happy In A Wheelchair?!?

There’s being happy and being in a wheelchair, being happy despite being in a wheelchair, being happy to be in a wheelchair, and probably infinite ways to say it such that there’s a subtle difference.

Myself personally, I have only ever been happy despite being in a wheelchair. And that of course is important because at any point in time for anyones life, if held at gunpoint but most likely without much effort or threat, they can find something to be unhappy about. It’s quite easy actually. It’s naturally difficult to be happy. Did you just agree with that? Don’t believe everything you read or think. It’s actually natural and easy to be happy, but only because of the current state of the world is it actually hard.

With that said, my message is basically just a PSA. I’ve been happy and almost never depressed since and before being in a wheelchair. Usually when I do get depressed it’s nothing to do with a wheelchair but instead just the same questioning of life importance and greatness most of us experience.

I have NEVER been happy to be in a wheelchair. In fact, there hasn’t been a single day that I don’t absolutely hate it. I don’t let that hate ooze into the rest of my life. It’s compartmentalized.

I do not like it or any aspect of it. There has never been a moment I’ve been happy to not have motor function of my legs.

But I’m not unhappy overall.

End of message.

Very infrequently yours,


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