Preparation For Stem Cell & Beyond

Some quote by some person goes something like this: Do the best you can with what you have. But we never really do, there are a lot of distractions keeping us from being focused, let alone the fact that most of us haven’t defined what our “best” is.

When preparing for something, or when some achievement is desired, there has to be progress made in that direction. Equally important is the lack of progress made in other directions.

My highest goal is to recover from a spinal cord injury. Everything I do must help me get there. If alcohol doesn’t get me closer, then I don’t drink. I reflect on all my actions in this manner and cut out anything that doesn’t help within 3-4 degrees of separation. An example is that my work doesn’t directly help me get closer to stem cell surgery, but the money I make does. That’s 2 degrees of separation (1 degree is a direct relation to my goal, such as physical therapy).

In about 10 months from this day of writing, I’ll be going to Germany to get stem cell. I’m fully away of the uncertainty behind this procedure. Here’s how I see it, one sec let me draw this diagram.

And even with this, let’s say I have a 50% recovery, the distribution of recovery is uncertain.

The outcome of this procedure (or anything) is divided into two camps: in my control, out of my control. Perhaps each one contributes to the probability of success equally. In that case, if I do the absolute most I can in preparation, the probability of success is 50% minimum.

Here’s what I’m doing to ensure that I’m doing as much as I can, and after that, it’s up to God (or luck, or the indifferent universe).

  1. Stretch legs every day
  2. Eat healthy (this includes no alcohol, no smoking, etc.)
  3. Stay active and well rested (working out and getting 8hrs of sleep)
  4. Go to physical therapy (this is at NeuAbility every week)
  5. Be mindful/meditate
  6. Do PEMF every day
  7. Stand with leg braces every day (or as much as possible)

If there’s anything else I think of, then I try to implement it because like I said before, this is my one great goal and everything I do must help me get there (or at least do my half and leave the rest to the indifferent universe).

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