A Quick Message for All Paraplegics

Don’t be naïve.

When I was first injured, someone had told me to be cautious about people online who would be very interested in my feet or something.

This was good advice. And I should say this sooner than later, there’s nothing inherently wrong with someone who has a fetish for feet or a person that’s paralyzed.

The advice is about being naïve. I’ve gotten many messages that only make me empathize with women more and more. Messages that are completely unsolicited and sexual in nature such that it makes me very uneasy.

No, I will not be your foot overlord.

Just how a modest woman who posts on Instagram has to be sure to avoid showing parts of herself that would feed the attention in an unwanted direction. I’m cautious to not show my feet or anything that could provoke someone in a way that I definitely don’t want.

Again, if you want to embrace this you could probably make some money. Personally, it’s just against my morals and values.

And the people who message me, they aren’t bad people just because they want to see my feet. I’ve gotten messages not about feet, but equally bad. From men and women.

What’s not good about it is that it’s unwanted. Just how a woman might get unwanted pictures or messages. Same thing. The person can think what they want, but when they act upon their thoughts and send a message, that’s when it’s not acceptable.

So, don’t be naïve. You have to, at least, know what’s going on so that you don’t get into an undesirable situation.

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