The World is Smaller

A significant number of people have dogs that aren’t allowed on the couch, or even into an entire room. The majority of this dog’s life of is spent in that house, and it can’t even go everywhere.

It’s a similar feeling when using a wheelchair. On a much larger scale (the world), there are plenty of places I can’t feasibly go. Think of all the apartment complexes with only stairs, the parts of the world that just can’t retrofit ramps into their infrastructure, or don’t want to because of the great expense and possible ruin to whatever they add the ramp to (think very old infrastructure). Even the university I went to, Michigan Technological University, had lots of inaccessibility.

For me, while I’m in a wheelchair, the world is much smaller. Luckily, it’s a lot better than it was.

In Greece or Italy, which have a lot of ancient infrastructure that they’re building around instead of replacing, each have surprised me with how accessible they are, although not great. However, I won’t ever be asking Greece to improve and spend more money on the likes of me. The truth is, it’s good enough that I can do a lot, and the rest that I can’t do or the things that I can do but are tedious is perfectly fine. There’s no justification for me to demand that the world be paved flat just so I can get around.

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