How to Find an Accessible Company for Paraplegics

Or anyone in a wheelchair or with a disability

Reading time: 1 minute

Finding a job is said to be hard. I don’t think that’s entirely true.

However, when it comes to finding a job that can properly employ someone with a disability, more specifically someone in a wheelchair, then finding a job can be difficult.

I’ve mentioned before [insert link to blog] that the people and culture are very important. No less important is the actual accommodation.

Here, from an organization I am quite involved with, is a list of ranked companies for accessibility.

Introducing Disability IN and their Disability Equality Index

This is just a screenshot of half of the 100%. There is also a 90% and 80% category.

Note that this doesn’t mean a company is inaccessible if it’s not on the list, but that the ones on this list here do very well.

Also, this only concerns the United States of America, which is arguably the most accessible country on Earth. Some of the mentioned companies are global, so look for whichever ones are around you.

Immediate actionable items: If accessibility is a criterion, research these companies and see which ones you could potentially work at.

Summary: Disability IN is an organization with a lot of resources, including the Disability Equality Index (DEI) that will show you how accessible companies are.

Overdeliver: If you’re in college or a recent graduate and within the STEM field, look into the NextGen Leaders program.

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