Whats the Point of Paraplegics Wearing a Belt

My insight from experience

Note: This is a belt for pants, not for a car.

Whenever I put on a belt, I wonder if anyone notices and then ask themselves why I would do such a thing seeing as I’m on a wheelchair. I ask the same thing of myself, and then don’t put on a belt only to learn what I already knew.

Whenever I wear pants, they’re usually too big. Mainly because my waist is pretty small and always has been. Before I used a wheelchair, I had massive (muscular) legs, and finding pants that fit my waist and legs was very hard, so I bought pants big and then wore a belt. Now that I use a wheelchair, the pants are still too big for my waist and whenever I do a transfer, there’s a risk of them sliding too far down.

Reason #1: Pants could slide down during a transfer

While in a wheelchair, I constantly adjust how I sit, in part because the wheelchair I have doesn’t quite fit right, to avoid pressure sores, and for comfort. When I do this, I typically lift myself from sitting on the chair, push my hips back against the backrest and then slide back down onto the seat (basically sitting further back in the chair so I can sit upright). Doing this makes the pants slide UP, making for a very uncomfortable situation.

Reason #2: Pants slide UP

The second reason is funny that I use a belt to keep pants down whereas the original intent is to keep them up

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