A Skill to Traverse Any Terrain

In short, I want to tell you a great way I found to get around a crazy obstacle. It requires the help of 1-2 people, personal strength, and perhaps some gloves.

I was hiking on a trail with my mother and my girlfriend when we came upon a very rocky part of the trail that would be impassable without doing what we did. It’s called the wheelbarrow, a classic thing kids do at summer camp when racing other kids doing it. It’s when someone holds up your ankles and you walk on your hands.

That’s what we did, my mum and girlfriend each grabbed an ankle and I walked on my hands right past the rocky part. It was actually pretty easy for all of us. I recommend getting some type of gloves to prevent injuries from rocks or anything harmful on the ground.

The image below is the rocky part of the trail where I walked on my hands.

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