This Blog Going Forward

I’ve never been the blogging type but I am the writing type – when I have something to write about. I treat this blog lightly, only writing when I feel I have something to say. Not only something to say but something that can be helpful and educational to the wheelchair community. It turns out that is a short order. It feels cool to say I have a website, and the views aren’t bad, but if you (one of the few viewers) might’ve noticed, there hasn’t been anything new to view for a while.

I’ve run out of things to say. And you’ll never catch me saying “rolled out of…”

From here on out I will treat this as a way to think publicly. Be legally informed though, everything here is my thoughts, which may be scientifically unfounded or if they are I might not be able to reference the right research.

Expect to read some philosophy and wheelchair related topics. I have a lot of stories from traveling a lot, admittedly my memory is as fickle as the next, so it will be more memoir than history.


or now, ciao

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