Wish Upon A Better Feeling

It’s not a novel idea, but it’s not at the front of everyone’s mind: our struggles are largely the same. A lot of us will think that our trials and tribulations set us apart, that the way we feel is unique, who we are is unique, and that’s what we all have in common.

Myself, I’m not very bothered by being in a wheelchair. I don’t like it, but I never cried about it. Recently, talking with some friends, they rehashed the moment they were told about my injury. It was actually a bit emotional for me – hearing my friends recall this the same way anyone remembers many details about the moment they heard <insert important event>. I remember the whole thing, but not in that way. I don’t remember the exact moment I realized my legs don’t move or anything like that. Again, I never cried about it, and maybe in this case it’s worse to have someone close have this happen to them rather than be the one it happens to.

I do cry, I do get very sad, and run through the hills of emotion but if I were to write only about those things, you’d never hear about the wheelchair directly.

What inspired me to write this is a comment I saw on my youtube, and there are many of these, where someone just writes about their situation in a negative connotation. I’ve done this before – expressing my discontent with my situation. I really try not to, because it’s worthless. Other than some relief given from complaining, no one wants to hear anyone complain and it’s a very bad habit to get into.

Instead of talking about past days and resenting the present moment, I’d rather talk about my plans to ensure my current situation is temporary all the while being present and accepting the moment. This is the power of now, mindfulness, stoicism, or spiritualism type of stuff.

If you don’t have a plan to change what you don’t like, then please don’t complain. I don’t want to see comments, I don’t want to hear it. Because if it isn’t going to change, then you’ll be making the same complaints on repeat looking for someone to join you in your discontent. Get a therapist to listen to that (they get paid to listen), but even then what (I hope) they’ll tell you is that you need to have a plan to fix this “problem,” otherwise stop seeing it as a problem.

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